106 Elderly Patients With Diabetes Mellitus In General Practice In Estonia

Helgi Kolk
The prevalence of type II diabetes mellitus (II DM) increases with age from 3-5% in persons in their fifties to about 10-20% by the 7th to 8th decade. In most countries GP’s take care of patients with II DM and its complications. To maintain best possible quality of life and prevent complications, risk factors other than only metabolic control should be managed.
Aim: To evaluate prevalence of known II DM and concomitant risk factors among Estonian elderly population.
Methods: A special written questionnaire was mailed to 200 GP’s randomly selected from database of Estonian Central Sick Fund according to number of persons over 65 in region. Each GP interviewed 5 patients using an individual regulation for selection of patients.
Results: 163 GP’s returned altogether 811 questionnaires. In 90 cases (58 females, 32 males) presence of II DM was reported giving calculated population estimate of 15%. From these patients 54 used oral antidiabetic drugs, 8 both insulin and oral antidiabetics, 28 received no antidiabetic medication. 68 patients had high blood pressure but 9 of them were not on anti-hypertensives. From II DM patients 11 were smokers, 11 had gained weight in last five years more than 5 kg. History of myocardial infarction was recorded in 6 cases, 11 have had a stroke.
Calculated population estimate of II DM among Estonian elderly patients is similar to that reported in US and Western European countries. Although risk factors were quite well controlled by GP’s this area can be improved.
106 Elderly Patients with Diabetes Mellitus in General Practice in Estonia