1120 Present And Future E-Health Strategy Usage In Eu Countries And Mission Of General Practitioners.

Peter Liptak, Slovak Society of General Practice – associated
Korman M. - associated
Oral Communication
a. Aims(s) or purpose :
An e-health utilization in present / future.
1. Health care:
A) Quality and availability of health care service comparison in EU, its balancing.
B) Multinational and multicultural approach, high population migration level - Basic and Emergency Data Set definition of individuals, usable in emergency cases globally.
C) Internet communication, information exchange, medical status unification, resulting in an EU-balanced health care and educational standard.
2. Education opportunities discussion.
3. Authentication and sensitive health data security relevance discussion.
b. Design & Methods :
E-health benefits exploration by an interaction with workshop attendees. Creating of simple e-skills and e-abilities map over medical attendees by answering simple questions.
Definition of an internet based questionnaire enabling to monitor a current "EU-E-Health" state. Workshop - an opportunity to discuss a future data collection, monitoring and results evaluation.
Elaborate a methodology of data collection for a health care quality level and population health state level comparison inside EU.
c. Results :
Investigation of e-health applications utilization level in EU by a communication with workshop attendees. Elaboration of e-health tools utilization methodology for a systematic health investigation inside EU.
Basic and Emergency Data On Demand definition proposal.
d. Conclusions :
We assume an EU-health care integration in a close future will be accented in three areas: Quality, Availability and Medical Education.
This process enable information and communication network technologies we decided to implement.
By mapping of mentioned factors we would like to rationalize and speed-up using of modern technologies by general practitioners.
Present and future e-health strategy usage in EU countries and mission of general practitioners.