1127: Diastolic blood pressure as a risk factor for total and cardiovascular mortality in Korean elderly population.

S.-G. Park 1, Y.-M. Kwon 2, Y. Jhang3, H. K. Lee3, Y.J. Go3, H.-J. Yoon4, B. Cho3, M.-S. Park 3
1 Family medicine, HAUNDAE PAIK HOSPITAL, PUSAN, Korea; 2 Family medicine, SAM YOOK MEDICAL Centre, SEOUL, Korea; 3 Family medicine, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, SEOUL, Korea; 4 Medical Engineering, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, SEOUL, Korea
Objective: Several studies have shown that DBP below a certain threshold is frequently associated with increased mortality and coronary events. However, these findings have several limitations. So, we sought to delineate the role of DBP on total and CV mortality in healthy elderly population after adjusted the effect of pulse pressure and high SBP.
Methods: A retrospective cohort study of 3,574 elderly subjects 65 or older undergone health check-ups at one Health Promotion Centre on between May 1995 and December 2007 was carried. We merged baseline data with the mortality data from the national death certificate files, and assessed the relationship between total, cardiovascular(CV) mortality and DBP by Cox proportional hazard models. Furthermore, we also conducted stratified analyses by SBP range and previous hypertension medication.
Results: During a mean follow-up period of 6.7 years, the 321 deaths recorded, of which, 72 cases (22.4%) were due to CV disease. On a stratified analysis by SBP (Conclusions: The present study shows that mortality was also higher in subjects with DBP
Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared