1156: Frequency of metabolic syndrome parameters in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

A. Tanoglu1, T. Akyol2, O. Sari3, U. Aydogan3
1 Gastroenterology, GATA Haydarpasa Training Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey; 2 Gastroenterology, Corlu Military Hospital, Tekirdag, Turkey; 3 Family Medicine, Gulhane Military Medical Faculty, Ankara, Turkey
Introduction: NAFLD commonly associated with the metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, and hyperlipidaemia. NAFLD is closely related with insulin resistance. Especially 80% of patients with the metabolic syndrome have NAFLD. We evaluated the frequency of metabolic syndrome parameters in patients with NAFLD.
Methods: 46 patients with biopsy proven diagnosis of NAFLD were included to study. The metabolic syndrome is defined as the coexistence of three or more of the following findings:(1) increased waist circumference. (2) hypertriglyceridaemia. (3) hypertension. (4) elevated fasting plasma glucose. (5) low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol level. Waist circumferences, lipid panels, blood pressures, fasting glucose levels, body mass indexes, insulin levels of all participants were determined.
Results: 40 patients were (87%) male and 6 were(13%) female. Mean BMI was 30,06±4,62. In the view of BMI, 24 patients were overweighted (52,1%) and 17 were obese (37%). Mean waist circumference was 106,09±8,97 cm. Waist circumference was increased in 37 patients (80,4%). Insulin resistance was diagnosed in 30 patients (76.9%). Mean triglycerides levels was 150.45±77.33, mean total cholesterol levels was 198.5±46.69 and mean HDL levels was 41.67±10.58. As a result, in 13 patients (29,5%) hypertension, in 12 patients (27,3%) impaired fasting glucose or diabetes, in 29 patients (63%) hyperlipidaemia and finally in 24 patients (52,2%) metabolic syndrome was diagnosed.
Conclusions: Metabolic syndrome parameters are commonly seen in patients with NAFLD. So, especially in primary care, patients with hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes and also overweighted patients should be evaluated for metabolic syndrome and particularly for a preventable and treatable disease of NAFLD.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared