133 Adolescent Interview: Hands On Heads

Khater-Menassa B
Interviewing an adolescent is a challenge for every primary care physician. Adolescents usually don’t want to be there, do not know how to say what they want from the physician, if they ever know! The reasons behind this behaviour are numerous: lack of trust, not knowing how to express things. Understanding the reasons for this behaviour is a first step in making most out of the interview. Setting the stage for success needs also to be addressed by physicians dealing with adolescents. Techniques for interviewing adolescents allow the primary care physician to tackle all subjects pertinent to this population in a non-threatening way. The HEADS questionnaire is a mnemonic to get a psychosocial history from the patient in an organized way. Throughout the workshop, participants will also practice, via role-plays, techniques to improve communication with adolescents during the medical consultation.
Adolescent interview: hands on HEADS