1347: Assessment of anxiety, depression and quality of life in diabetic patients and its relation to duration of disease, treatment and changes in treatment

B. Sonmez1, A. Ozkara2
1 Department of Family Medicine, Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey; 2 Department of Family Medicine, Hitit University Çorum, Faculty of Medicine, Çorum, Turkey
Background: The prevalence of diabetes is increasing rapidly throughout the world. The anxiety and depression, accompanying diabetes, may adversely affect the patient’s harmony, quality of life, response to treatment, prognosis, course of diabetes, morbidity and mortality.
The aim of this study is to demonstrate the anxiety and depression conditions of Type 2 DM patients, and the relationship of their quality of life levels with the duration of their disease, the type of treatment applied and change of treatment
Methods: 400 Type 2 DM patients. A general survey has been applied on all patients in order to determine their socio-demographic characteristics and the general state in relation to their disease, while the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HAD), the EQ5D scale and The diabetes-specific quality of life scale (DQOL) has been applied on patients. The data analysed by SPSS 15.0.
Results: In our research, it has been determined that age, gender, HT, the disease duration, type, change and duration of treatment, BMI and the diabetic complications influenced their anxiety and depression states and their quality of life.
Conclusion: The family practitioner, posing as an opinion leader in his/her region, is the most significant healthcare personnel who can stand by his/her patients in dealing with all these difficulties. Since the family practitioners can manage treatment of the diabetes patients among the population registered to them regularly and in an integrated manner with the hospitals, the rate of observing adverse influences on the patients’ quality of life, anxiety and depression will be reduced.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared