1474: Osteoarticular pathology in primary health care

V. Carvalho1, J. Pereira2, L. Gaiteiro3, V. Alves4
1 Family Physicion, USF Sobreda, Almada, Portugal; 2 Family Physicion, USF S. João do Pragal, Almada, Portugal; 3 Family Physicion, USF Cuidar Saúde, Seixal, Portugal; 4 Family Physicion, USF Amora Saudável, Seixal, Portugal
Presentation type: Oral Communication
Objective: The learning objectives is to review the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pathology more common in primary care. By joining this workshop, participants will be prepared to guide the history and physical examination, know which are the main differential diagnoses and diagnostic manoeuvres, and which imaging tests that may bring additional information. While fulfilling the practical part we want the participants to practice the techniques recapitulated in theory.
Methods: The workshop consists of two distinct sessions. The first part consists of theoretical review of osteoarticular pathology most often seen in primary care, including lesion of the shoulder, wrist / hand / foot, spine, hip and knee. The second part will allow the practice of the main technical objective examination of these pathologies, in four different spaces dedicated to each of the areas mentioned above.
Results: The expected impact of this workshop is to be a facilitator of daily clinical practice of the family doctor, directing the reasoning and mechanizing some gestures useful in the diagnosis of osteoarticular main pathologies seen in primary care. Ultimately, we aim to minimize the use of additional tests that have little to add to a careful physical examination.
Conclusion: The osteoarticular pathology is the leading cause of absenteeism and is the one of the most common reason for seeking health care. Owing to its prevalence and incidence, adjusted approach this disease in terms of clinical history and physical examination, allows proper differential diagnosis, orientation of additional tests and possible referral to secondary care.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared