1511: European Network for Prevention and Health Promotion in Family Medicine and General Practice: Prevention of CVD in general practice in Europe: A EUROPREV workshop

T. Drenthen1, M. Bulc2, S. Keinanen Kiukaanniemi3
1 Prevention and Patient Education, Dutch College of GPs, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2 Prevention, Society of Slovene family physicians, Ljubljana, Slovenia; 3 Institute of Health Sciences, University of Oulu, Finland
Presentation type: Workshop
Objective: exchange experiences with the implementation of cardiovascular prevention and health promotion programmes in EUROPREV countries.
Methods: the Dutch prevention programme, New Ministry of Health program in Slovenia, and the Finnish experience with web-based cardiovascular risk assessment will be presented.
Results: In 2011 the Dutch College of GPs published a preventive health-check on cardiometabolic disease, including lifestyle advice and treatment: Preventive Consultation. National implementation started with the dissemination of educational materials for GPs and a web-based screening questionnaire for the public. The content of the health-check and the implementation experiences will be presented.
From 2001-2011 Slovenian risk assessment and interventions in GP/FM were focused on patients‘ age and gender (men 35-65, women 45–70 years) and personal or family history of CVD. From 1.4.2011 Slovene family medicine introduced model (» referential«) practices, with special attention to adult patients over 30 years. Tasks: screening, interventions (risk factors modification, lifestyle changes) and follow up of well regulated chronic conditions.
Prevention of T2D and reduction of prevalence of CVD risk factor levels by lifestyle counselling were the main aims of the FIN-D2D programme in five hospital districts in Finland. Eligible individuals were those who scored ≥15 points from the modified FINDRISC test, or had history of cardiovascular events, diabetes, IFG or IGT. Activities started with health check-up by local nurses and brief counselling for lifestyle changes. The results and predictors for success are presented.
Conclusion: The workshop will provide new approaches to CVD prevention in FM/GP, enabling the audience to discuss experiences and views.