1531: Exploring holistic care in UK GP training schemes.

T. Amarasinghe, R. Sadhra, J. Baldock, R. Hildreth
GP VTS, Milton Keynes General Hospital, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Objectives: To explore and describe different ways that the patient‘s holistic needs are addressed in the UK GP training programme. To identify how much emphasis is put on compassion and holistic care in primary care practice, in the UK GP training schemes. To stimulate debate regarding the significance of holistic care and compassion in GP practice. To explore how these aspects of care are developed in the UK GP training scheme.
Methods: Feedback from questionnaires and interviews with GP trainees from different regions of the UK. Analysis of the weight of compassionate responses and holistic care in the assessment of GP trainees, in the UK.
Results: Compassion and holistic care are frequently referenced and assessed in the UK GP trainng scheme. UK GP trainees are frequently assessed on their ability to reflect on the ‚whole‘ patient experience, and how this affects illness.
Conclusions: The importance of holistic care of patients is gaining greater importance in the UK GP training scheme. The emphasis on being a compassionate and reflective doctor is of primary importance in the UK training scheme.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared