154 Diabetic Patients Experiences Of Continuity In Primary Care: Focus Group Study

Mohamed Alazri
Continuity of care has been regarded as an official core value and feature of primary care in the United Kingdom and around the world. Although much attention has been devoted to identifying the importance of continuity and relating that to clinical outcomes, few studies have explored the notion of continuity from patients’ perspectives, or given patients a forum to express their views and experiences of continuity in primary care.
Aim: The aim of the study is to explore how patients with Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) experience and understand continuity in primary care.
Method: Six practices from different demographic areas in Leeds (UK), which run personal, and non-personal list system were identified and invited to take part in the study. From these practices, a group of adult patients with NIDDM were invited to take part in focus group interviews. Very elderly immobile patients and patients who did not provide consent were excluded. Several themes around continuity were discussed at the interviews. These included: What do patients understand by continuity? What does continuity means to them? Is it important to have continuity in diabetes; and if so why? What are the factors that support or inhibit continuity? The interviews were audio recorded, transcribed and subjected to content analysis. The final results will be ready to present at the conference.
154 Diabetic Patients Experiences of Continuity in Primary Care: Focus Group Study