176: To build primary care “oriented “ physician: is the community medicine phase I and II model in the clinical rotation the solution?

Oktarina1, M. Dwi Utami1, P. Aprilia2, A.Syafruddin1
1 Medical Education, Medical Faculty of Muhammadiyah Jakarta University, Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia; 2 Community Medicine, Medical Faculty of Muhammadiyah Jakarta University, Tangeranng Selatan, Indonesia
Context: One of Medical Faculty of Muhammadiyah Jakarta University/MFMJU’s goals is to produce primary health care physicians regarding to meet the social demand. The curriculum is designed to reach the goal, i.e. community medicine should be basic of student’s thinking orientation while developing medical knowledge. Work-based learning, experiential learning, and prior knowledge, are principles of meaningful learning which could be the best approaches during clinical year.
Need for innovation: Community medicine is given in either preclinical years or clinical years, but those have different weighing on learning principles. Work-based and experiential learning are better implemented in the clinical years. Starting the clinical years with hospital rotation could threat student’s thinking orientation on primary health care.
Description of innovation: MFMJU has two phases of community medicine in the clerkship rotation. First is in the beginning of clerkship, before entering hospital rotation. It aimed for constructing perception on primary health care using family and community medicine approaches. Afterwards, students attend hospital rotation to strengthen medical knowledge based on departments and are expected to remain the orientation of their future role as primary health care physicians. The rotation is closed by community medicine phase two, which expects students performing medical and health services as the role of primary care physician as well as to manage the centre. Here, students are encouraged to combine orientation on primary health care and to implement medical competencies holistically.
Lesson learn: By understanding human learning process, formulating education program would be more appropriate and effective achieving the goal.

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