182 Piercing And Tattoos. What Are Young People's Opinions

Xavier Puigdengolas
TITLE: Piercing and tattoo. What’s young people opinion.
AIM: To describe the young people’s attitudes and opinions towards piercing and tattoos. To know the prevalence in our area.
DESIGN: Survey.
Young patients between 18 and 30 years old who came to a Primary Health Centre from April to October 2000, and answered a validated, self-administered and anonymous questionnaire. Main measures analysed were age, sex, education and job. Items of attitude and opinion.
121 questionnaires were evaluated (response rate 84%), 55% females. Age 24 (CI95% 23,3-24,7). Studies: 14% Primary Education, 48% Vocational Studies-Secondary Education, 37% Technical Pre-graduate Studies. 67% are working, 48% are studying and 25% both. Prevalence: piercing 12 (10%), tattoo 17 (14%).
First piercing age: 19,6 (CI95% 16,9-22,4), tattoo 18,5 old years (CI95% 16,6-20,5).
Wearing P/T Not wearing P/T Statistics
Sex (males) 62% 42% Ns
GP asked you if you have piercing(P) or tattoo(T). 30% 7% p=0,0016
PCT should inform of the risks having piercing or tattoo 77% 79% Ns
I don’t feel uncomfortable if GP asked me if I have piercing or tattoo 76% 76% Ns
I would like to have another one made 83% 32% p=0,00001
I would encourage a friend to have another one made 48% 8% p=0,0000
I would convince a friend do not have one made 4% 26% p=0.02617
I think that piercing is harmful 18% 58% p=0,01725
I think that tattoo is harmful 19% 46% p=0,052
High prevalence of piercing or tattoo in young people in our area.
Few anamnesis by the GP, although their intervention are well accepted.
People wearing P/T had better attitude.
Piercing is considered more dangerous than tattoo.
182 Piercing and Tattoos. What are Young People's Opinions