193 Medical Student Experiences In Family Medicine: Developing The Ifmsa Check-List

Walsh A, Balzarini F
Canada, Italy
Aims: The WONCA Working Party on Education (WWPE) was asked by the International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA) to develop a check-list for student experiences in family medicine. This will be one step in enabling student exchanges in primary care, jointly promoted by IFMSA and WONCA.
Methods: WWPE members used an iterative process to develop a check-list focusing on principles in family medicine. A Delphi technique was used initially, with further review involving WONCA members and medical students.
Results: The check-list evolved to include broader experiences than clinical presentations and procedural skills. Incorporation of health promotion activities, patient advocacy, and communication components was considered important. Space to add experiences relevant to local context was included.
Conclusion: The WWPE has developed a check-list for medical student experiences in family medicine. More work is needed to develop a complete handbook for student exchanges.
Medical student experiences in Family Medicine: developing the IFMSA check-list