210 Creating Good Practice: Providing Support For The Good Enough Practitioner

Penny Morris
Learning in this crucible: providing support for the good enough practitioner
I have shown, with colleagues, that consultation review in a supportive group framework helps build confidence in consulting. It also allows practitioners to try new approaches with patients. Primary care practitioners are at the cutting edge of difficulty in communication with patients. They need help, as they come under increased pressure. Pressure can come from patients’ complaints or from the need to change professional roles.
In my teaching, practitioners join in sessions in which they look at and analyse video tapes of their consultations. Participants, through this process, are then able to discover the barriers to being or feeling a good enough practitioner. They can also discover what helps to achieve an effective consultation. One key is to re-define the balance of responsibility between themselves and their patients. Practitioners are then freed to find their own strengths with which to address problems.
Professional/patient relationships are changing fast. Methods of support in primary care for those facing particularly major challenges, or who feel in danger of failing, need to become part of the learning landscape.
I have already analysed such sessions held with general practitioners and am now starting to do so with primary care nurses.
210 Creating Good Practice: Providing Support for the Good Enough Practitioner