241: Let us create friendly schools for our diabetic child

A. Alsharief, A. Alkhier Ahmed, E. Alsharief
Primary health care, National guard health affairs, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Background: Children at the age of school spent around one fourth of their day time in their schools.
School is not a place for study only but it is a place where the children can learn and grow.
The theme which I hope that all of us will work to apply it through the coming years is „ hand with hand we can create friendly schools for our diabetic children“
What we mean by friendly school?
It is a school where the diabetic children can study and grow safely. It is a school where the rights of the diabetic children is completely preserved without any sense of discrimination based on their illness.
How to achieve this objective?
This objective can be achieved by the followings:
1) Provide social, psychological and economic support for the diabetic children at their schools
2) Provide medical support inside schools
3) Provide free access for diabetes information in these schools and work hardly to raise the level of knowledge about diabetes in these schools
4) Provide training classes for teachers looking after diabetic children
5) Supply diabetic children with free blood glucose monitoring devices if they have no ability to have one.
6) Provide simple workshops to train diabetic children on how they can deal properly with their illness.
7) Promote adherence to treatment through involving diabetic children in suitable entertainment events.
8) Assure that diabetic children participate normally with other normal children in all aspects of their daily life. This goal can be assess by arranging combined campaigns between diabetic and non diabetic children and observe diabetic children and their responses to other children.
What can diabetic children benefit from such project?
Diabetic children can live safely in the friendly schools and trained enough to look after them self independently.

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