253 Home Care:the Development Of Primary Care In Bologna (Italy)

Marzo Carla - AIMEF
The operating protocol named Home Care has been developed in Bologna(Italy) in the last nine years as a supportive in-home assistance, ranging from 1 to 3 levels concerning the pathology. The H.C. provides assistance to individuals suffering for a post-hospital pathology who still need short or long term help after the early discharge and it allows to stabilize the patient"s conditions not autonomous. The H.C. is intended to help and the specific assistance at home, including complex examinations and medical diagnosis in order to avoid long-term hospital stay, either in the personal interest of safety and comforts for them and their family or in the public interest of cost-containment. The H.C. support service has a therapeutic leader, named G/P, who plays the role of supervisor of the planned treatment. He will draw up the case history and will arrange meetings at patient"s home and at his explicit instance, with the physician who might be involved in the treatment of the pathology. He will also arrange any joint approaches of the medical attendants of the area and will relate to the hospital ward, either before the patient is discharged, in order to arrange a new admission. The operating protocol includes general rules of election, clinical rules of resignation, conditions of proposal and designation, assistance plan and check index. The goal is to provide evidence about the incidence of the Primary care on the rate of hospitalization and about its contribution to fewer and shorter hospital stays and to support improvements of these new alternative forms of assistance always respected appropriately of the treatment and clinical governance.
Home Care:the development of Primary Care in Bologna (Italy)