262 Quality Assurance In Primary Care For Diabetes Mellitus (Mixed Equip/svdpdg Initiative)

L. Pas, M. Goldfracht
Mixed Equip/SVDPDG initiative
This workshop will be introduced by Dutch data proving quality assurance can be reached if good practice management is established (P. Cromme, see original proposal for workshop introduced by us) and permit to discuss selected presentations on quality improvement strategies and their effect.
Comparative data will be provided about indicators for quality of care in 12 countries of the European Region
After plenary discussion selected presentations will be given on audits on high risk screening and nephropathy The session will be closed by a presentation on effective interventions to improve diabetes Mellitus management in primary care settings followed by a discussion how to further implement quality assurance in diabetes care.
262 Quality Assurance in Primary Care for Diabetes Mellitus (Mixed Equip/SVDPDG Initiative)