283 The Impact Of Privatisation Of Primary Health Care Services On Patient Satisfaction

J. Kersnik
Kranjska Gora
Patient satisfaction is being regarded as an outcome of care. Patients' evaluation can be used for a benchmark in inter-practice, national as well international comparisons on quality of care. Slovenia has undergone profound political and economical changes, among others introducing possibility for private health care provision. One of the objectives for the reforms was in terms of greater patient satisfaction.
Aim: We wanted to describe the level of patient satisfaction with Slovene general practice in the light of the ongoing changes. We expected higher levels of satisfaction in general practice patients visiting private practitioners. We further hypothesised the most striking difference with communication and some organisational aspects of general practice care.
Method: We used an internationally standardised and validated instrument for patients’ evaluations of general practice care developed in a series of studies. 23 questions covered following dimensions of care: personal care, technical care, information giving and organisation of care. 60 consecutive patients in 36 practices in Slovenia were approached and offered a self-administered questionnaire. 2160 questionnaires were handed out. The patients were instructed to fill the questionnaires at home and post it back in a prepaid and addressed envelope to the research institute.
Results: 1809 (83% response rate) completed questionnaires were returned in the study period. 399 (22%) patients reported visiting a private practitioner. Patients were significantly more satisfied with communication in private practices (score 88,5 points vs. 85,7 points) (pConclusions:
This study provides an answer to very commonly asked questions about the level of patient satisfaction with general practice care in a countries in transition like Slovenia that showed to be relatively high. The introduction of private provision of health services showed to be beneficial for some areas of patient satisfaction. The experiences can be used for quality improvement in institutional provision of primary health care services with greater emphasise on better communication skills and techniques.
283 The Impact of Privatisation of Primary Health Care Services on Patient Satisfaction