Akhter, Noor
Oral Presentation
Research Based
BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis is a disease prevalent all over the world. It is becoming the leading infections diseases in the rural areas of Pakistan. This disease mainly affected the lungs but number of cases of extra pulmonary tuberculosis are surprising increasing day by day. A sizeable population in our Society gets intestinal disease.
PATIENTS AND METHODS: 658 cases of tuberculosis were registered from May 2001 to April 2003 in Noor Hospital Kot Radha Kishen situated in rural Punjab. Fifty case of abdominal tuberculosis were entered into the study to evaluate the clinical presentation of abdominal tuberculosis. Among those 38 patients were female (76%) and 12 male (24%).
RESULT: common presentations in operated cases were abdominal pain, tenderness, vomiting, distension and absolute constipation while in non-operative cases presentation was abdominal pain, fever weight loss, constipation and diarrhoea. Evidence of Tuberculosis was achieved by ESR, X -Ray Chest, Mantoux test and histopathology. These patients were managed either surgically or conservatively by anti-Tuberculous chemotherapy. Out of 50 patients, forty patients ( 80%) were treated with combined medical and surgical treatment while ten ( 20% ) cases were managed by medical treatment only.
CONCLUSION: Abdominal Tuberculosis is more commons is distal ileum. Because the patients with abdominal tuberculosis usually reach quite late to surgical department with complications, so surgery is reserved for those complications or to clarify the diagnosis in doubtful cases.
Topic: Clinical Practice