470 Preventive Health Consultations To 20-44 Years Old In General Practice, Northern Jutland, Denmark.

K.S. Freund, L. Jørgen
General practice, Gandrup, The Research Unit for General Practice, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Aim: To evaluate a method for preventive work in general practice focusing on young people especially families with children with a certain amount of somatic and social risk factors.
Methods Through a weekend and 5 follow-up courses the General Practitioners(GPs) were introduced to structured holistic, individual health consultations with well-prepared patients. The focus was on the patients resources and limitations to obtain the individual goals. Arriving at the secretary at the GP the patients were from May 1998 to Nov.1999 offered participation. By acceptance they fulfilled an inclusion formula. When obtaining sufficient amount of „risk“-points (7/30), they were included. At home they fulfilled a big personal questionnaire. Telephone randomized to control- or intervention group. The intervention was a 60 min´s health counselling at the GP focusing on the priorities of the patient in order to obtain better health habits or estimation of health. They agreed on 1 or 2 goals, discussed resources, limitations and time needed to obtain this. A second 20 min´s consultation within max. 3 months.
Preliminary results:
30 GP´s participated after introduction courses. Statistics on the first 175 consultation-schemas show that 90 % make goals within different subjects. Approx.30 30% within weight or psychiatric subjects, approx.25 %: relation to partner or work, approx 15 %: tobacco or health, approx 10%: social network, exercise or use of alcoholics. After 3 months both the GP and the patient estimates that the goals are fulfilled fully or to a high degree in 45% of the cases, to some degree in 15%. Both estimated the importance of the health consultation as very high in 60% of the cases.
When the preventive health counselling at the GP. is focused on the individual aims, resources and limitations of the patient a high degree of positive health related changes seem to be obtained..One year follow-up will show more long term results.
470 Preventive Health consultations to 20-44 Years old in General Practice, Northern Jutland, Denmark.