508 Monitoring Performance In Chronic Disease Management - The Spice-Pc Programme

Malcolm Campbell
Aims of the programme
The Scottish programme for improving clinical effectiveness was set up to provide a mechanism for general practices in Scotland to monitor performance in chronic disease management.
It consists of the development of criteria for the management of specific conditions, the production of computerised care management screens, and a data collection system to provide National and comparative data.
Methods Used
a) defining quality criteria
A series of multidisciplinary working groups identified quality criteria in the several chronic disease areas.
These criteria sets were incorporated into a booklet outlining the rationale behind the criteria and into the clinical software used by 80% of Scottish Practices (GPASS) in the form of care management screens(CMS). These performed the functions of acting as reminders of good practice and as a mechanism for recording the appropriate results.
b) monitoring performance
A data retrieval system was organised by which practices were able to return anonymised data. These were then aggregated and fed back to practices showing their own results along with comparative data.
Results to date
There have been two data collections. The second in May of 2001 received responses from 20% of practices representing a patient population of 1 million. The results of the data collection will be presented.
The future
A second set of criteria has been produced and distributed to practices. We plan to review the sets every two years, to produce further sets annually and to work towards universal take-up.
508 Monitoring Performance in Chronic Disease Management - The SPICE-PC Programme