526 Control Of Cardiovascular Risk Factors In Psychotic And Non-Psychotic Patients In Primary Health Care.

Calleja Vega C, Gilszlak E, Pigem Jubany E, Gallego Perez S, Cuenca Rodriguez L, Riera del Brio M, Gibrat Pineda M, Peña J, de Robles Pons M
Aims: Describe the follow-up degree of protocols for Arterial Hypertension (AH), Diabetes Mellitus (DM), Dyslipidaemia, (DLP), Obesity and tobacco dependency in psychotic patients with Cardiovascular Risk Factors (CRF) compared to non-psychotic patients with CRF.
Material and methods: Cross-sectional study carried out in two populations: Psychotic (P) and non-Psychotic (NP) in three urban primary care centres. P: Patients admitted between 15-65 years with >=u22651 CRF and psychosis diagnosed N=202. NP: randomised sample of patients without psychosis, with similar characteristics (age and CRF). Ratio 3:1. Clinical variables, complementary examination and lifestyles were collected from clinical record during 2009. Statistical analysis: Estimation of averages and percentages (95% confidence interval) comparing groups using Chi-square and T-student/U-Mann-Whitney.
Results: Total sample was 568, 194 P. 70.4% were male. Average age was similar in P and NP with dyslipidaemia, obesity and tobacco dependency (44 years). Hypertensive and diabetic NP were older (54 years). Average number of visits was 11 vs. 8. Lowest register in both groups was abdominal perimeter (4.7%) and highest, cholesterol (48.8%). Similar registers were found in body mass index (41.2% vs 45.7%), blood pressure (73.5% vs 69.5%) and cholesterol (25.5% vs 29.8%) Patients with diabetes (P vs NP) also had similar record of glycaemia (70,8% vs 76,8%; p=0,58), HbA1c (69,7% vs 75,4%; p=0,43) and lowest record was abdominal perimeter (4.2 % vs 21.7%; p=0.06), body mass index (37.5% vs 66.7%; p=0.016), AH (58.3% vs 78.3%; p=0.67), CRF evaluation (8.3% vs 31.9%; p =0.03) There were significant differences in tobacco dependency register (47.7% vs 31.9%; p=0.004)
Conclusions: The study shows that P and NP patients with AH, DLP, obesity and tobacco dependency receive similar care. There was less follow-up with psychotic diabetics than for non-psychotic diabetics. There were more follow-ups in smoker psychotics than non-psychotics.
Control of cardiovascular risk factors in psychotic and non-psychotic patients in primary health care.