53 Working Locally And Thinking Globally - Efforts Of Aku In The Development Of Family Medicine In The South Asia Region

Riaz Qureshi
Context: The status of general practitioners, and nature of family medicine in Pakistan make it vulnerable to the resistance to change. The Aga Khan University Pakistan, which is committed to promote the health and education Nationally and Internationally, has taken up the challenge by establishing the first ever division of family medicine in Pakistan.
The division is closely collaborating with the organisations like RCGP, UK and WONCA in the efforts of promoting family medicine both nationally and internationally. In the region; the division, has hosted guest visits for the delegates from Ministry of Health Bangladesh, has presented about the training of family medicine in the meetings of Indian Society of Family Doctors, has conducted CME programs in Tanzania and Kenya and is developing linkages with Oman. Nationally the first international course of `Excellence in Teaching General Practice` was held at the University. It runs monthly CME programs for the GPs. With the close support of the division the graduates of the residency program are running units of family medicine in both the urban and the remote areas of Pakistan, one of the graduates has lead the development of first ever unit of family medicine in the government sector. The faculty is closely working with national bodies struggling towards raising the standards of family medicine.
The University foresees ever increasing role in promoting the concepts of family medicine nationally and internationally, in doing so it seeks support from the physicians working in Europe, and especially the over-seas doctors.
53 Working Locally and Thinking Globally - Efforts of AKU in the Development of Family Medicine in the South Asia Region