753 Prospects For Remote Teaching Of Family Doctors

Lysenko G.I., Ivashchenko D.A., Danilyuk S.V., Yashchenko O.B., Himion L.V.
Department of Family Medicine, The Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L.Shupik, Kiev, Ukraine
Remote teaching is a new improved form of teaching organisation, combining elements of the day time study and the study by correspondence. Compared to traditional forms of education, it provides better mastering and deeper material retention.
This is an individual teaching technology promoting learners' immersion in interactive technotronic teaching medium, ensuring checking of progress, and permitting individual planning of teaching process and testing procedure at a distance. Regarding remote teaching for general practitioners, the most promising is development of interactive teaching programs on CD-discs, containing information about effective diagnostics and treatment methods. At this Department, a work team including medical professionals and computer programmers has created a series of such teaching software for family physicians. This series has five sections:

1. Textual part of manual on diagnosis/treatment of diseases.
2. Archive of video-/audio-/ photo materials, slides, tables.
3. Virtual situational tasks.
4. Games enabling study material retention.
5. Tests for checking-up of acquired knowledge.

Thus, the remote teaching using interactive teaching programs on CD-disks is the essential effective form of continuous preparation and mastering of the family physicians. An advantage to study according to a given technology for working family physicians is that they may engage themselves in studies at a suitable time, in a suitable place, and spending as much time as it is needed.