79: Treatment of depression in primary care

E. Murphy
General Practitioner Training Scheme, Health Service Executive, Dublin, Ireland
Presentation type: Oral Communication
With the downturn of the world’s economy, problems with mental health in particular depression are recognized as the leading health issue facing people today.
As with the Irish experience, successful treatment of depression depends on a holistic combination of Lifestyle Changes, Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy.
In order to have relevance for patients, these treatment principles must be translated into each country’s cultural ideology in order for prejudices to be overcome and for ‘best practice’ guidelines to be accepted.
This presentation will look at how National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) treatment strategies can be successfully and easily translated into different Cultural settings leading to very positive outcomes.
Participants are also invited to bring along case histories for discussion regarding diagnosis and treatment with the author both at and after the workshop.

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