801 Should We Immunize Immigrants From Southern Countries Against Varicella Zoster?

Gagnon S
Aims : To verify the immunisation status against Varicella Zoster virus in new refugees arriving in Quebec city
Method: The literature and the pharmaceutical companies documentation mentioned that Varicella Zoster virus is more prevalent in northern countries. According to that they recommend that all new immigrants to northern countries be immunized against Varicella Zoster. New refugees arriving in Quebec city are seen close to their arrival for a check-up at the Refugees clinic. The status of immunization against Varicella Zoster virus of all refugees seen at the Refugees clinic was checked since June 3rd 2007 by I G blood tests. The statistics were compiled and reviewed.
Results: The refugees seen at the clinic during that period were from many different countries all in tropical or subtropical areas over the world. They were form different age, gender and countries. 91% of them had antibodies against Varicella Zoster virus.
Conclusions: Research projects should be conducted on these topics. Varicella Zoster infection could be surinfected and in these cases will cause major infectious diseases with life threatening risk. To give the Varicella Zoster vaccine to all new arrivals from southern countries is expensive. More studies could help decision organisms and health professionals working in Immunisation.
Should we immunize immigrants from southern countries against Varicella Zoster?