844 How Do We Treat Arterial Hypertension In Gp Offices In Zagreb?

Brail Lang V, Bergman Markovic B
Aim: To determine the prevalence, treatment and achieved control of hypertension regarding type and number of antihypertensive drugs used in GP offices.
Methods: The survey was performed on all patients (N=12883) treated by eight GP offices in Zagreb. From medical data for year 2006 we identified prevalence of hypertensive patients and analysed level of hypertension control according to number and type of antihypertensive drugs. Patients were stratified for gender and age groups set by Croatian Institute for Health Insurance.
Results: 23, 47% of analysed population had hypertension, 64, 84% were older than 65 years. Incidence of hypertension increases with age. Women had higher incidence of hypertension (63, 76%). Majority of patients had one prescribed drug (40, 11%). 30% achieved proper regulation regardless the drug used. Best regulation had those with one drug prescribed, multiple drugs in treatment led to worse regulation.
Conclusions: The number of unrecognised patients with high blood pressure is large, as the prevalence of diagnosed hypertension in GP offices in Zagreb is still lower than in the rest of Europe. The degree of hypertension control is not satisfactory. As the overall situation regarding treatment of hypertension remains inadequate, greater efforts are required to identify people with hypertension, and to ensure that they are treated according to the best available evidence.
How do we treat arterial hypertension in GP offices in Zagreb?