960 Putting Prevention Into Practice: How To Plan Substance Abuse Prevention In Primary Care?

Pas L, Cornelis E, Bruyninckx E, Drenthen T
Aims: Discuss implementation of substance abuse prevention taking into account national programs and challenges from daily practice.
Material and methods: The workshop will start with an overview of countries' situation of substance abuse (alcohol, tobacco and drugs) policies in primary care based on an online inventory by Europrev members: L Pas (Belgium) - National Dutch programs on tobacco and alcohol: T Drenthen (the Netherlands) 15 min -Asking for one or different substances to detect abuse? Practice approach based on the Europreview study L Pas (Belgium) 15 min -GP role and multidisciplinary care for alcohol use: developing a model for stepped care. E Bruyninckx , E Cornelis, L Pas (Belgium) 15 min
Results: Based on a descriptive comparison of primary care policies for tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse in primary care and selected programme descriptions implementing in practice detection, counselling and multidisciplinary collaboration for substance abuse will be discussed.
Conclusions: A debate (20 min) will be opened to discuss specific issues raised in the presentations and opportunities from differences approaches, and to share experiences with other countries in Europe. Development of European guidance for the implementation of prevention of drug abuse in the general practice setting will be suggested.
Putting prevention into practice: how to plan substance abuse prevention in primary care?