Finnegan H
The Irish Continuing Medical Education Tutor Group BALLINASLOE, IRELAND
The Irish Continuing Medical Education (CME) tutor group of thirty tutors, leads and co-ordinates one hundred and twenty two monthly small group CME meetings throughout the Republic of Ireland. The CME group meetings consist of 8-12 established general practitioners meeting to undertake a programme of peer lead continuing education. The majority of these meetings are lead by tutors and this has necessitated the development of considerable group leadership skills. Group leadership skills are demonstrated and taught at the thrice-yearly tutor training workshop. This is by small group participation, modified fish-bowl observation and process observing feedback. Process observation is an attempt to evaluate group process and the leadership skills involved in that process. Its purpose is to raise awareness of group dynamics with a view to improving group leadership skills.
Aim: To demonstrate group leadership skills with an evaluation of these skills by group observation and feedback.
Method: Group leadership skills will be demonstrated in a small group setting and observed by the full workshop group in a modified fish-bowl format. Process observing of the meeting will be undertaken in the small group and then discussed by the observing workshop group. The meeting will then divide in to groups of 8-12 members and each small group will repeat the exercise, with group leadership skills being demonstrated and commented upon.
Results: Workshop members will improve their group leadership skills by both observation and participation in a small group, with these skills being demonstrated and evaluated in a supportive learning environment.