Abstract No. 1132 (Free Standing Paper) : POST-MENOPAUSAL WOMEN AND HYPERTENSION

Gossard G, Campbell N,
Reddy Sureyka Memorial Family Practice Residency Program, 7777 SW Frwy, Suite 420, Houston, Tx. 77074, USA
The number of post-menopausal women seen in primary care is growing as the population ages. With this increase, problems unique to this population must be researched and understood. The benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in treating osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease has been established. Greater than 50% of postmenopausal women are hypertensive, and hypertension is the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Past studies have failed to address appropriate demographic and other related issues. This retrospective study sought to ascertain drug therapies prescribed and investigate possible contraindications between hypertensive and HRT Therapies among patients from two diverse clinical sites. Demographic, risk factor, and preventive issues important to the health maintenance of these women were also addressed and relationships examined.
Methods: Ninety-two post-menopausal women were randomly selected from the sites. Charts were reviewed for visits made within a 17-month period data was collected and analysed.
Results: Patients on Medicaid/Medicare appeared to receive hypertensive medications, but receipt of HRT was impacted (Fisher's Exact p=0.003). Pap smears also were affected for these patients (p=0.013).
Forty-nine percent of the study population had 4 of 8 cardiovascular risk factors, and of these one-half who could benefit from HRT were not receiving it. Fifty-nine percent of the population had high lipid levels. Further research is indicated.