Ar04.05 Dr. Marxïvideo (Ii): The Principle Of Family Medicina (Roman Period)

A. C novas-Ingl‚s, A. Pi¤ana-Lopez, J. Espinosa-L¢pez, J. P. Olivo-Ros, Y. Mart¡nez-Sandoval, G. Madrid-Cervantes, E. Pag n-Dato, M. Daniela-Graure, A. Claudiu-Coman, J. M. Bueno-Ortiz;
SMS, Cartagena, Spain.
Andres C novas-Ingl‚s
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We start with a theoretical framework of analysis of the medical interview without forgetting some contributions taken from medical studies about the humour. Our objective is to observe the functions of the humour in the effectiveness of the interaction of communicative in the act of the medical interview.
Our methodology is based on the analysis of clinical interviews recorded on video by professional health care and patient volunteers, focused on his perception of the role of humour in their respective professional discursive practices. Itïs all in a Dayïs Work. Creating the series of videos from the "Dr Marx (Doctor M, Animated, Resuscitator, Xoxo)". Videos of Dr. Marx series are just now presented at this Congress, new last video, about on the principles of Family Medicine (Roman period) and the near future will be presented. Characters were interpreted by all members: physician, nurses, paediatric and administrative all dresses about the Roman period. With this way of inquiry we provide reflections on the humorous uses in the field of the Primary Health Care, which no doubt have positive although not free of risks communicative effects.
This video was made to be used teaching medical resident practical procedures of interview clinic. The realization of the videos increase the cohesion of health professionals and it involves a user participation that react to collaborate to the realization of the same, as well as use in a didactic way for Family Medicine Residents
Dr. MarxïVideo (II): The Principle of Family Medicina (ROMAN PERIOD)