Call for Junior Editor


The European Journal of General Practice is looking for a ‘Junior Editor’

The European Journal of General Practice (EJGP) is the official journal of Wonca Europe (the European Society of General Practice/ Family Medicine). It is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal, published since 1995. It is published online (4 issues/ year). It is indexed in SCIe, Medline/ PubMed, and Embase. More information can be found at the journal website
The European Journal of General Practice publishes original research papers, review articles and clinical case reports on all aspects of primary care medicine (family medicine, general practice), providing new knowledge on medical decision-making, healthcare delivery, medical education, and research methodology. Areas covered include primary care epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, pharmacotherapy, non-drug interventions, multi- and comorbidity, palliative care, shared decision-making, inter-professional collaboration, quality and safety, training and teaching, and quantitative and qualitative research methods.
The European Journal of General Practice is a ‘multi-regional’ journal for an international public. In its peer review process and publication policy the journal intends to value and respect the regional diversity in Europe—in cultural background, health care organization and research infrastructure—while maintaining the highest possible quality standards for reporting of medical studies. We intend to give our authors and readers the highest possible service in efficient manuscript flow, constructive feedback, guidance on writing, and open communication.
The current Editorial Team consists of Professor Manfred Maier (Austria), Dr An de Sutter PhD (Belgium), Dr Carl Llor PhD (Spain), Professor Igor Svab PhD (Slovenia), Professor José M Valderas PhD MPH (United Kingdom), Professor Henk van Weert PhD (the Netherlands), Professor Adam Windak PhD (Poland), and Dr Jelle Stoffers  PhD, (Editor-in-Chief, the Netherlands). Ms. Anneke Germeraad-Uriot, Editorial Assistant, supports the Editors.
The European Journal of General Practice is looking for a Junior Editor to complete its Editorial Team.
Whom are we looking for?
⦁ An enthusiastic colleague,
⦁ with the ambition to become an editor of a scientific medical journal for primary care in 2-3 years’ time.
What kind of experience do we offer?
⦁ You assist in the review process of papers, i.e. you will act as a ‘third reviewer’ and co-editor - supervised by an experienced associate editor, who will provide feedback on your review reports and editorial recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief.
⦁ You use our online manuscript management system.
⦁ You participate in our editorial teleconferences, scheduled at least every three months.
⦁ You participate in our annual ‘live’ editorial meeting.
What qualifications are we looking for? 
⦁ You are an enthusiastic general practitioner (family physician).
⦁ You are an experienced researcher (PhD degree), who has published at least five papers as a first author in peer-reviewed (preferably international, i.e. English) journals.
⦁ You have substantial experience with peer review for primary care oriented and general medical journals.
⦁ You combine an open mind with a good sense for potential quality and impact of submitted manuscripts.
⦁ You are critical in your judgments, but you also are prepared to invest in constructive feedback and guidance on writing.
⦁ You are an active user of ‘social media’ and would like to develop ideas on how medical journals may benefit from this and other internet technology.
⦁ You master the English language.
⦁ You can work with deadlines.
What do we offer?
⦁ Hands on training from day one on the editorial process of scientific papers in the field of Primary Care and General Practice/Family Medicine in a journal with more than 20 years of history.
⦁ An enthusiastic multinational team of editors rooted in European academic family medicine, who are used to electronic ‘long distance working’.
⦁ An electronic ‘manuscript management system’, for which you will receive an online hands-on training (
⦁ Supervision by experienced associate editors, who will do this in rotation, to maximise variation in type of papers and style of feedback 
If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your application letter and a short CV before April 1st to Ms Anneke Germeraad-Uriot .
For more information, please contact Jelle Stoffers, Editor-in-Chief
Jelle Stoffers MD, PhD, Editor-in-Chief
European Journal of General Practice
Dept. of Family Medicine, CAPHRI School for Public Health and Primary Care,
Maastricht University,
Maastricht, The Netherlands