Cf19.5 The Health Of Adolescents And Young People

E. Bø Larsen1, I. Heath2
1 UEMO, Dokka, Norway
2 UEMO, London, UK
The European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO) is the organisation for General Practitioners and Specialists in Family Medicine in Europe. The principal objectives of the UEMO are to promote the highest standard of GP services and to defend the role of GPs in the healthcare system. The UEMO working group of preventive activities presented in 2004 the paper called “The health of adolescents and young people” where special attention is paid to the prevention of ill health among people aged 10 to 24 years. Although generally considered to be one of the healthiest parts of the population, a substantial proportion within this age group experience a wide range of health problems and worries. It is well documented that health problems and habits influencing health laid down in adolescence tend to follow us into adulthood and create the foundation of future health. Therefore these vulnerable and crucial years are an important arena where appropriate preventive and supportive activities are likely to be of great significance to future health. The working group has identified some important factors influencing the health of adolescents and young people, and give recommendations about how to cope with them. We hope to raise the awareness, stimulate the discussions, and increase the concern and participation among GPs, other skilled workers, politicians and others within this very important arena for preventive and supportive activities. The paper will be briefly presented with main focus on the proposals given.