CON-006 : Issues, Challenges and way forward for Primary Care Research: A global Perspective

Waris Qidwai Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
Research in primary care is neglected at the level of Primary Care Practitioners as well as policy makers and academic institutions. 90% of resources are used for hospital based research and 10 % are utilized at primary care level, whereas 90% of the health related issues need to be addressed are in primary care. This is known as 90/10 gap. Patients present with multiple co-morbidities at primary care clinics and one has to manage patients with limited resources and diagnostic uncertainty. Data needed to practice at primary care level should be therefore derived from Primary Care Practices. Hospital based data is unlikely to be usable at the primary care level. Guidelines are often developed based on hospital based data and therefore, cannot be used at primary care level. Cost; benefit ratio is in favour of investing in primary care research. This presentation will address issues and challenges which are in the way of promoting research in primary care. Capacity building in primary care research is a challenge for a lot of countries while lack of appropriate training opportunities and infrastructure are faced by others. A lot of opportunities exist in primary care research since a lot of work need to be done in this area. and A framework for way forward for primary care research globally is required that will address issues from a holistic viewpoint.
Keywords: Primary Care Research, Primary Care, Family Medicine Research; Research