Ef6.4 Innovative Medical Teaching Using Patient-Oriented Case Presentation

T. Lipkow1, C. Schwarz1, H. Lorenz2, M. Herrmann3, T. Lichte4
1 Magdeburg, Germany
2 Berlin, Germany
3 Magdeburg/Berlin, Germany
4 Magdeburg/Lauenbrück, Germany
New regulations for the undergraduate medical education in Germany since 2003 call for more practical experience using the concept of cross-sectional fields of different interdisciplinary topics. Our institute developed such a field on the topic “Medicine of the grow old and the elderlies” for the first time.
Material and Methods.
Each student presented a case-report and a geriatric assessment of one patient over 65 years and discussed the case in class. The course was evaluated using a questionnaire and statistical analysis (SPSS).
68 of 101 questionnaires (67.3%) returned. Cumulated frequency analysis revealed that 75% estimated the contributions of the co-students as good or better, and 46% assessed the field-overlapping aspects as good. Concerning the training of the assessment-tests, 69% of the students found them to be good. The relevance of the seminar for medical education was rated with good by 54% of the students. Discussion. The statement “I made the serious experience, what dementia really means” illustrates the good acceptance of our seminar/field concept. Similar statements occurred relating the sensitization for age-typical handicaps. However, students wished to deepen the topics of dying, geriatric drug treatment and gerontopsychiatric aspects. For some students the seminar was “a very good possibility to set up a power point presentation”. Such closing remarks will be used for the structuring of future seminars: “Becoming old is well possible in Germany, but it might not be recommendable”.