Ep.42 A Training Course For Gp Trainers

A. Maggioni1, M.I. Bini2, G. Parisi3, F. Valcanover3
1 Scuola di Formazione Specifica in Medicina Generale TN, Ala, Italy
2 Scuola di Formazione Specifica in Medicina Generale TN, Rovereto, Italy
3 Scuola di Formazione Specifica in Medicina Generale TN, Trento, Italy
A training course addressed to general practitioners, paediatricians and doctors working in hospitals and in the public facilities has been organised in order to prepare new trainers for the vocational training course in general practice held in Trento, Italy. Aims of the training course: to acquire and update theoretical knowledge; to improve relational and communication skills; to learn an effective teaching method. Course contents: Theoretical bases and the European definition of General Practice, looking for a common language to use with the various kinds of professionals and finding teaching aims relating to their professional and didactic role Methods to teach in clinical settings, Methods to evaluate trainers, The organization of the training. Teaching methods: theoretical lessons and plenary discussions. The aim was to make learning and involvement more active. The participants worked together or in homogeneous groups. Role-Play and “fishball” techniques were used. Evaluation to evaluate the participants a self evaluation pre and post test about competences, skills, knowledge and motivation needed
to be a trainer have been used.