The General In The Different. Problems In The Meeting Between Danish Gps And Turkish Immigrant Women Seen From A Clinical Viewpoint

Dyhr L.
Central Research Unit of General Practice, Panuminstituttet. Copenhagen N (Denmark).
The aim of the study was to contribute to knowledge that could be used by GPs to enrich their meeting with immigrant patients. Three research problems were illuminated:
1 A description of the problems in the consultation between Danish GPs and Turkish immigrant women.
2 The reasons for the communication problems.
3 The measures taken by GPs to minimise communication problems that might arise in consultations.
Qualitative research methods were used from a phenomenological hermeneutic approach. Nineteen GPs in Copenhagen were interviewed, as were twenty-three Turkish immigrant women about their experiences with the meeting. A consultation study, where seven consultations were observed with doctor and patient interviewed afterwards focused on the communicative aspect. Data was supplemented with field notes from the author's own practice and literature studies.
The GPs identified three main areas of problems: the unrealistic expectations of the patients, the language barrier and the time limitation. The experiences of the Turkish immigrant women revealed similarities to the experiences of the doctors. The analyses also indicated that there were differences between the doctors as well as between the Turkish immigrant women.
It is concluded that doctors' attitudes and behaviour have an important significance for the women's experience of the medical consultation. Recommendations for a better consultation are described. Structural factors such as the organisation of general practice in Denmark and the doctor's education as well as the clash between a Danish and Turkish medical tradition are significant factors on systemic level.
The general in the different. Problems in the meeting between Danish GPs and Turkish immigrant women seen from a clinical viewpoint