1 Clinical Centre, Centre for War veterans, Slovenia
AIMS: To find out FAMILY THINKING PATTERNS. If they are negative, constriction of cells, vessels, organs happens. Today, in NEW MILLENIUM, many our patients got the baggage of HERITAGE of their ancestors and it let in them many negative feelings, like: FEARS, GUILT, ANGRY, HATRED, SHAME, JEALOUSY, also UNSUCCESSFUL, POVERTY and other negative feelings which were developed though bad thinking patterns, through past violence and wars from several ABUSES. These memories are seen today like diseases, accidents, abuses, violence, suicides, deaths or like worse RELATIONSHIPS in their FAMILIES, jobs
patient P-Family doctor FD
P-FD-members of family
P-other Ps- FD-family member
P-FD- other specialist for family therapy
P-FD-genetic specialist
P-FD- some othes specialist, like lawyer, teacher, priest
RESULTS: Discussions were INDIVIDUAL or in small GROUP with 4-8 people. I took 30-60 patients in 4 years. FD can help P also to find his/her CAUSE of disease or ABUSE in the PAST. Memories from CONCEPTION on and from before come out through life or later in elderly.
CONCLUSIONS: How can FD help patient to make »CLICK« on his/her memories from the PAST TIME on his/ her GENOM and how to FIND his/her NEGATIVE THINKING PATTERN out? If it could be possible we have no more diseases, accidents, suicides, deaths, problems in human beings? It is like Shakespeare question: »To be or not to be?«.
HOLISTIC VIEW on our P, enough time is very important on primary health care level system!! We, FD, must work much on understanding ABUSES and diminishing also HEALTH SYSTEM ABUSES! Understanding these problems the health system becomes much CHEAPER! »IS FAMILY THINKING PATTERN WRITTEN ON HUMAN GENOME?«
WITH understanding the CAUSES of PRE-DISEASE STATES, diseases, life problems, GENOME, we can PREVENT WAR, TERRORISM in our Patient and in the WORLD!!!