Id 1117 Migraine Like Expression Of School Harassment

Bolívar Galiano V, Ocete Alcalde MI, Cortés Valverde AI, Barahona del Moral MA
Aim(s) or purpose: Child of 11 of years who presents intense migraine of location holocranial, oppressive, of 12 days of evolution, constant, without aura, with melancholy and negative feelings. From the previous day it has become more intense, waking it up in the night. The analgesics do not improve. Sometimes he is sick. Intracranial does not discard the possibility of an expansive picture.
Design and method: Precedents. The child is 2 º of 4 brothers, comes from South America. High middle class. Good general, conscious condition (state), orientated, normal constants. Neurological normal exploration. Cranial TC rejects organic pathology. The migraine prevents him from harmonizing the dream.
Results: Investigating the case from the point of view psychosocial, we comes near to the conclusion of which the child is being hardly bothered by his companions of class, who do not accept it and joke of him. The multidisciplinary boarding obtains the change of college, the total disappearance of the migraine being obtained the same day of the movement.
Conclusions: The migraine, present in two of every three students, to the being a subjective symptom, is difficult to need (specify) your reasons; not being strange the School Harassment between your factors psychosocially. The migraine tensional assumes to a psychological conflict, the neurological signs are in the habit of being negatives and it he answers badly to the analgesics.
ID 1117
Migraine like expression of school harassment