Id 1360 General Practitioner (Gp) Tutors Concerns Focused On Hospital Medical Resident (Hmr) Primary Care Centres (Pcc) Rotations

Carrillo de Albornoz C, Castro Aguilar N, Calahorro Valdivia C, Alcaide Molina MD
Aim(s) or purpose: Knowing the expectations, satisfaction and improvement areas during HMR PCC rotations. The Spanish Quality, Investigation and Knowledge Management General Administration in the instruction 1/2006 establish in some specialties Training Program, PCC rotations. This rotation has some objectives with which it is intended that since the early training stages, the HMR acquires professional competencies, identified as potential areas for improvement and professional health sciences specialists’ development. From this experience, concerns about “Training as Trainers” have emerged.
Design and method: Design: Descriptive study cross-sectional through survey. These questionnaire responses investigate evaluative skills (attitudes, knowledge and abilities) into the training and teaching process, with items rated using a Likert scale. There will be a pilot study with a total of 30 participants (corresponding to a province). Location: Eight Family and Community Medicine teaching units, belonging to an autonomous community of Spain. Subjects: Participants included all residents doing a PCC rotation and GP involved in their training during 2010. Statistical analysis: Data are presented descriptively with means and proportions, along with its standard error, the residents’ data will be compared with tutors’ data, as paired variables. Limitations: avoid poor design of the questionnaire after proper consultation of the literature and conducting a pilot test. It ignores the sampling error in choosing the entire population. It has a memory bias, which can be avoided by comparing together tutors and residents’ responses. Applicability: analyse if we have reached the common expectations and identify training areas. Ethical-legal aspects: The research project participants’ personal data are in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Personal Data Protection Organic Law (15/1999, December 13).
ID 1360
General practitioner (GP) tutors concerns focused on hospital medical resident (HMR) primary care centres (PCC) rotations