Id 289 Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Not Diagnosed In Hypertensive Patients In The Cap Fontetes. Cerdanyola Del Vallès

Gonzáles Flores PA, Fernández-Aramburu Lumbiarres MC, Rubio Villar M, Sánchez Casco S, Martín Aparicio R
Aim(s) or purpose: To determine the frequency of the Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH) not diagnosed in a population group assigned to a basic assistance unit
Design and method: Longitudinal descriptive study carried out in a primary health care in urban area. It was included patients with hypertension diagnosis (AHT) that were not controlled since the last year, some of which were selected because they met the LVH electrocardiographic criteria through the Cornell Index (Wave R aVL 1 wave S V3 > 28 for men and > 22 for woman) and/or Sokolow (Wave S V1 1 R V5 or V6 > 35 mm) and those showing an AHT’s evolution of 10 years or more. The exclusion criteria were the previous diagnosis of the left ventricular hypertrophy. 45 hypertensive patients that were not controlled since the last year have been to consultation, 28 of which did not meet the inclusion criteria: 13 of which show electrocardiographic criteria and 15 of which show an AHT’s evolution of more than 10 years. 16 patients were women (57 %) and 12 men (43 %). The age group was 55-89 years, with a mean age of 70.9 years.
Results: From the total of patients that were included, 13 did meet the LVH electrocardiographic criteria: Cornell 2(15.3 %), Sokolow 3 (23.2 %) and both 8 (61.5 %). An echocardiography was requested concerning the 15 patients showing an AHT’s evolution of more than 10 years. The echocardiography proved LVH in 10 patients (35.7 %) 8 of which (28.5 %) have also electrocardiographic criteria, and only 2 of which belong to the group of the AHT’s evolution of more than 10 years.
Conclusions: 1. 35.7 % of the patients which were studied show a LVH diagnosis through echocardiography. 2. The electrocardiographic criteria for LVH (Cornell and/or Sokolow) are useful to a LVH diagnosis.
ID 289
Left ventricular hypertrophy not diagnosed in hypertensive patients in the CAP Fontetes. Cerdanyola del Vallès