Id 323 Md And Quality Improvement Consultant

De Boer Y, Mortensen H
Aim(s) or purpose: In Denmark one uses DanPEP, a Danish version of EuroPEP, as a tool for patient evaluation of General Practice. A registration cannot stand alone, one also has to work with the results. This has to been done in a way that facilitates development. GPs are different as individuals and are organized in different ways. We therefore offered the participants, they could chose in which way, and they desired to work with the results. The options were they could work with the results alone, in a group of the doctors from different practices or in their own practice. In all three choices they could decide to get a facilitator, whose task was to secure a prospectively process. DanPEP consists of a limited number of questions that have not changed over the last years. In cooperation with the DAK-E organization, we offered the participants, that they could add questions from 3 additional themes. Those themes were: practice taking part in vocational training, practice use of their website, and delegation of tasks to other personal.
Results: In the poster we want to show the overall results from the patient evaluation, how the doctors chose to work with the results, and the result from the participants evaluation of the whole process.
ID 323
MD and quality improvement consultant