Id 378 Development Of An Intervention To Improve Delivery And Uptake Of Hpv Vaccination For Women In The General Practice Setting

Aim(s) or purpose: Australia was the first country in the world to institute a nationally funded HPV vaccination program targeting girls 11-13 years (women up till the age of 27 were able to access the vaccine free of charge until Dec 09). Although the HPV vaccine is registered in Australia for women aged up to 45 years, it must be privately funded and this group has so far shown limited uptake. The aim is to outline the processes to be used to develop a methodologically rigorous intervention to improve vaccine uptake in women up to the age of 45 years.
Design and method: We plan to take a systematic approach, integrating Van Bokhovens framework for the development of a quality intervention with Michie et al’s approach to developing theory based interventions, to develop an intervention for the increased uptake of HPV vaccination in the general practice setting.
Results: Our approach will utilise mixed methods: an audit, surveys and focus groups to deter. We will first explore GPs current practice and knowledge relating to HPV vaccination, we will then identify the attitudes relating to HPV and the vaccination of two groups of women (those who have received the vaccination and those who have not) and determine the barriers and enablers of HPV vaccination from both the GP and the patient perspective. We will then utilise a matrix of domains and behaviour change techniques to develop an intervention, which will be piloted and refined in preparation for testing of effectiveness in a randomised controlled trial.
Conclusions: In developing a methodologically rigorous intervention based on psychological theory we hope to be able to ultimately increase HPV vaccine uptake. This will decrease the incidence of HPV infection and, in turn, result in a decrease in cancer-related morbidity and mortality in women.
ID 378
Development of an intervention to improve delivery and uptake of HPV vaccination for women in the general practice setting