Id 396 Profile Of Patients With Chronic Heart Failure

García-Bayo I, Soler Vila M, Pascual Benito L, Caramés Durán E, Mariscal Belvís C, Stella A
Aim(s) or purpose: To assess clinical characteristics and treatment management of out-patients with chronic heart failure (CHF).
Design and method: Descriptive, cross-sectional study involving 179 patients of a primary care Centre. Demographic, clinic and treatment data were collected and descriptive statistics realized.
Results: The average age of patients was 76.5 (SD 11.06) years old, 57.3 % of them were females. Main co-morbidities collected were hypertension, 90 %; dyslipidaemia, 68 %; atrial fibrillation, 55.5 %; diabetes, 54 %; ischaemic heart disease, 38.9 % and chronic renal failure, 35,9 %. NYHA functional class: I, 10.6 %; II, 30.7 %; III, 25.7 % and IV, 5 %. Remaining cases were not classified. Up to 49.1 % were followed-up in cardiology. Overall, 48.6 % underwent echocardiography. In 57,4 % of cases systolic function was preserved. Diabetes mellitus was controlled (HbA1c Conclusions: Heart failure with preserved systolic function is the most prevalent form. The pharmacological treatment has improved since previous studies. Nevertheless, blood pressure and diabetes mellitus control are still insufficient.
ID 396
Profile of patients with chronic heart failure