Id 651 Quality Assessment Of Asthmatic Patients Attended In An Emergency Primary Care Centre

Bellido Casado J, Jarca C, Ros Domingo N
Aim(s) or purpose: The aims of our study are to describe the clinical profile of our asthma patients in emergency attention and to assess the appliance of the international guidelines for the management of acute asthma.
Design and method: Methods: a two years long prospective study including attended patients from 18 to 65 years old suffering from acute asthma at the CUAP Manso in Barcelona. GINA guidelines will be applied for the management of asthma. Variables: demographical and clinical data, frequency, previous basal treatment, number of previous exacerbations, treatment of the actual process and after discharge. Inclusion criteria: chronic asthma patients that suffer a new exacerbation with a decrease of the PEF and a bronchodilation ? 20 % after the treatment. Exclusion criteria: COPD patients and other chronic airway diseases. The statistical analysis will be done with SPSS 15.0 to compare different groups of patients to the previous asthmatic control.
Results: Expected results: different asthmatic profiles depending on severity and previous control will be obtained and compared in between each other. International guidelines are expected to be followed by the medical staff.
Conclusions: These profiles of asthma patients and the quality of medical assistance will help us to apply properly the specific guidelines for the management of acute asthma in the primary care setting. This study was sponsored by a XB grant from the Catalonian Health Institute.
ID 651
Quality assessment of asthmatic patients attended in an emergency primary care Centre