Id 760 Is It Frequent That Our Patients With Known Diabetes Had Peripheral Arteriopathy, Neuropathy Or Diabetic Foot?

Daza Asumendi P, Goñi Ruiz I, Zabaleta López A, Lusar Cruchaga L, Olano Zabala A, Barriola Lertxundi C
Aims: to determine how prevalent diabetic foot is, as well as neuropathy and arteriopathy between our diabetic patients.
Design and method: Study setting: Primary care Subjects: 273 known diabetics were selected from a population of 33.350 older than 14 years. The random sample was obtained from the computerized clinical history. Organization: before we started the study, we gave a workshop about diabetic foot, measurement of the ankle-brachial index (ABI) using the Doppler instrument, and instructions on monofilament testing. The social-demographic characteristics, lifestyle habits, cardiovascular risk factors, Co-morbidity, time of evolution of diabetes, the ankle-brachial index (ABI), the monofilament test and clinical characteristics of the feet were also analysed.
Results: The mean age was 70, with a range between 39-93 years. 53,8 % were men. 14,2 % lived alone. 13,9 % were smokers and 16,8 % were ex-smokers. 65,7 % had hypertension. Ten years was the median years of the evolution of diabetes. 1,5 percent had suffered non-traumatic lower-limb amputations. We used the Wagner ulcer classification system; 0,4 percent presented a grade 2 (deep ulcers involving tendons), 1,1 % grade 1 (superficial ulcers involving dermis and epidermis), 71,8 % grade 0 (a risk foot), and only 26,7 % had a foot with out risk. Finally 30 % presented peripheral arteriopathy, 25 % neuropathy and 42 % one of them.
Conclusions: Our known diabetics have a very high rate of risk foot. More than four out of ten patients with diabetes presented peripheral, arteriopathy, or neuropathy. Nursing is the health care profession which must take responsibility in screening both of them. For all diabetics we must do the monofilament test and also measure the ankle-brachial index.
ID 760
Is it frequent that our patients with known diabetes had peripheral arteriopathy, neuropathy or diabetic foot?