The Montegut Global Scholars Program


The Montegut Global Scholars Program (MGSP) was established by the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation in April 2010. The MGSP is named after Alain Montegut, M.D., a member of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Family Medicine from 2006-2010, whose career has been devoted to developing high quality family medicine practice internationally, especially in underserved and/or undeveloped countries.


The MGSP was established to foster international education, research and collaboration in the specialty of family medicine. It provides a US $3,300 scholarship for one family doctor selected from each of the seven WONCA regions to attend the WONCA regional or world conference. 

Previous MGSP scholars

  • Dr Eunice Carrapiço, Portugal - WONCA Europe Montegut Scholar 2016
    Dr Dr Eunice Carrapiço was selected as the sixth Montegut Global Scholar from the WONCA Europe region, which enabled him to attend the WONCA Conference in Rio de Janeiro, 2 - 6 November 2016.
  • Dr Patrick O'Donnell, Ireland - WONCA Europe Montegut Scholar 2015
    Dr Patrick O'Donnell from Ireland was selected as the fifth Montegut Global Scholar 2015 from the WONCA Europe region, which enabled him to attend the WONCA Europe Conference in Istanbul, 22 - 25 October 2015.
  • Dr Eralda Turkeshi, Albania - WONCA Europe Montegut Scholar 2014
    Dr Eralda Turkeshi was selected as the Montegut Global Scholar 2014 from the WONCA Europe region. The scholarship enabled her to attend the WONCA Europe Lisbon conference in July 2014. The three key messages from the various sessions were:
    1. Rigorous quality research is needed in family medicine/general practice development
    2. Geriatric assessment of the older adults in the community is important and general/family physicians can play a key role in implementing this.
    3. Respiratory health assessed with spirometry can be easily available in general practice settings.
    Dr Eralda Turkeshi left the WONCA Europe conference with the desire to pursue these new horizons in her general practice/family medicine professional development and also develop cooperation and learn from those who have already travelled through these routes.
  • Dr Anca-Alexandra Matusz, Romania - WONCA Europe Montegut Scholar 2013
    Dr Anca Alexandra Matusz is a family healthcare provider who was selected as the third Montegut Global Scholar 2013 from the WONCA Europe region, which enabled her to attend the WONCA World Conference held Prague in June 2013. After returning home and based on the Wonca experience, she started the implementation of two research and collaboration projects in the specialty of family medicine in Romania.
  • Dr Pavlo Kolesnyk, Ukraine - WONCA Europe Montegut Scholar 2012
    Dr Pavlo Kolesnyk PhD MD was awarded the second European Montegut scholar. His scholarship enabled him to attend the WONCA Europe Vienna conference in July 2012. Pavlo is currently the Assistant Professor (Docent) of Uzhgorod National University; a practicing family doctor of the city family clinic; a trainer of doctors during their residency and internship and the head of the Family Medicine Course at the Academic Department.
  • Dr Maltezis Kyriakos, Greece - WONCA Europe Montegut Scholar 2011
    Dr Kyriakos Maltezis was the first Mongegut scholar who was supported to attend the WONCA Europe conference in Warsaw in September 2011. Dr Maltezis graduated from the University of Athens, in 1999. He trained in general practice in the General Hospital Sant Panteleimon in Piraeus, Greece and he works in the public sector as a GP. He has authored a number of papers published in international journals and in Greek Journals and is involved in teaching undergraduate students in the University of Athens, in medical physiology and general practice. He has also participated as a volunteer in international missions, in Africa, since 2005, providing primary care services in Uganda and Tanzania. He received an honorary award from the National Blood Donor Organization for his voluntary participation in organising missions for blood collections in district areas all over Greece.