OP-013 : Perceptions of Medical Professionalism in a Group of University Professors

Felipe Garcia-Pedroza, María Eloísa Dickinson-Bannack, Leobardo Ruiz-Pérez, Isaías Hernández-Torres, José Rubén Quiroz-Pérez, Mexico
To identify the knowledge, perception, and experience of a group professor of UNAM about medical professionalism.

Descriptive study. A questionnaire was formulated with 24 items: 10 on general information, and 14 to identify the perception of MP (Altruism, Responsibility, Medical excellence, Professional commitment, Honor and Integrity, Self-respect). The questions included were Likert-type. The questionnaire was applied during a teacher-training workshop course to 33 professors who participated voluntarily in the study (December 2008).

One hundred percent of the professors answered the questionnaire: 28 males and 5 females (average age, 45.8 years, standard deviation, 7 years), all with a specialty, and defined the following concepts correctly: Profession, 22 (66.7%); Professional, 15 (45%); Professionalism, 12 (36.4%), and MP 13(39.4%). A total of 3(9%) professors reported MP characteristics and none cited MP principles. The professors noted that during their formation, they perceived MP in their own teachers in global fashion, with regard to the responses of Always and frequently 31(95.3%), and Rarely 2(4.7%). 29(88%) of professors identified positive MP models (always/frequently) and only 4(12.1%) reported rarely. In terms of MP models, 11(33%) found negative precepts frequently, and 22(66.7%) encountered these rarely.

The majority of professors were unaware of the theoretical knowledge that comprises MP; notwithstanding this, the professors identified with MP behaviours during their professional formation.