Op-016 Integrated Palliative Care In The Pizolcare Medical Network: Improving Quality Of Care And Patient Satisfaction

Keller U. (Wangs), Schneiter-Rusconi B. (Wangs)
Introduction: Caring for patients in palliative situations is complex and expensive. Therefore collaboration between all care giving persons and institutions is crucial. To improve collaboration between hospital, general practitioners, community nurses and physiotherapists the PizolCare Medical Network located in a rural part of Eastern Switzerland did the following.
Methods: – Development of a common palliative care concept; – Establishing the job of a chief coordinating community nurse, who is in charge of the project;– Creation of common nursing guidelines; – Elaboration of treatment guidelines in the GP’s quality circles; – Making an agreement with regional physiotherapists;– Creating simple but secure ways of communication.
Results: –We created three simple and easy-to-use documentation forms: Quality of life, Doctor’s prescription and an Admission/Dismission form –We developed a dossier with guidelines in treatment and care of patients with chronic diseases for all care givers involved;–We introduced new and secure e-mail-accounts (HIN, health info network) for all community nursing centres;–We created rules of communication between the GP’s and hospitals;–We set up periodical joint meetings for interdisciplinary education involving doctors, nurses and physiotherapists;–We introduced CIR (critical incident reporting) on all levels.
Discussion: The efforts of the PizolCare Medical Network aiming at the improvement of documentation and communication in palliative care led to a better understanding between care givers. This was mainly the result of closer cooperation by joint meetings for interdisciplinary education and introduction of simple and secure ways of communication. Weather this will lead to an improvement in patient satisfaction remains to be seen.
Integrated palliative care in the PizolCare medical network: improving quality of care and patient satisfaction