OP-089 : Paediatrics in motion

Alexandre da Cruz Pinto, Rodrigo da Cruz Pinto, Silvia Maria Tagé Thomaz, Brazil
Contribute to reduce possible trauma and grief of children and their families as a result of hospital internalization. To strengthen relations and ties of affection between the child and his social environment, as well as, with all professionals involved in the rehabilitation process. Promote the child care and family based on the National Policy of Humanization.

Stimulate the movement of children through play activity using lightweight removable plastic materials and, foam or wood and to identify certain practices sports (beams, basketball, badminton, football, button football, chess and other educational games). In addition to the practice of thinking and movement, that respect the limitations of each child, the activity will also teach the rules and regulations from each sports practice. The activity should occur daily, at different times to avoid routine, always respecting the time of hospital procedures. Weekly meetings with an interdisciplinary team to assess the rehabilitation and the need to promote certain stimulus to any presented difficulty.

This project is the result of interdisciplinary work in order to provide alternatives that can achieve better reception to SUS users as a proposal of an innovative Public Policy.

The proposed action to be developed aims to facilitate and promote body communication relationships, learning and other therapeutic goals relevant in the quest to reduce significantly the trauma caused by the long term hospitalization period.